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Our sectors of intervention

Zero waste

Sac course zéro déchêt.png
Bento bamboo.png
Mug imprimé.png

Set of items allowing the reduction of single-use polluting consumables. This category represents one of our top sellers for integrating new employees into a company.

Example: bento box, shopping bag, reusable water bottle-type containers in eco-recycled material, cup, straw (bamboo or metal).


Luminaire camping.png
Couverts camping.png
Serviette PET.png

This category includes accessories for hiking, camping, fishing, etc. We currently manage more than 300 products in this theme for our customers.

Example: lamp with external battery, microfiber towel (recycled PET), solar camping table, camping cutlery.

Urban mobility

Multi tool.png
casque connecté.png
Bande led connectée.png

We are specialists in accessories for new mobility and particularly those with illuminated signage. This includes connected and security products.

Example: connected backpack, connected helmet, bicycle turn signal, bicycle multifunction tool.

In our catalog you will find a variety of travel products.

Example: travel cushion, blindfold, luggage including waterproof foldable bags, passport holder, belt with secret pockets.

Masque yeux.png


Passseport holder.png
Coussin voyage.png
Bandeau yeux connecté.png

Health & well-being


For our demanding customers in the medical field, we offer a range of level 1 medical devices.

Example: thermometer, connected blindfold, foot rasp.

In addition, there is a range of wellness products and sports accessories.

Example: yoga mat, massage chair, massage roller.

BBQ malettepng.png


Parasol été.png

We offer a wide range of products for the garden with various weather and sun-resistant materials to meet the problems of our customers.

Example: Hammock, barbecue and its accessories (portable or not), parasol with recycled materials and  ecological.

Our expertise

Notre expertise


The aesthetics of the product, its originality, its practicality, its usefulness, its packaging, are today decisive in designing a "must have". Our creative team identifies promising new products for your market on a daily basis. The design can be defined by you or by our teams depending on the needs.



Anticipating trends and controlling consumer expectations are the guarantees of differentiation and the keys to commercial success. Subtle knowledge, then confronted with offers unearthed in major international fairs. This constant quest allows us during the study of your needs to offer you the most innovative products. The hyper personalization of the product, the materials and the packaging is our differentiating point.



In order to   promote the maximum of know-how, Trackers has outsourced transport and logistics to offer you the most solutions for impeccable quality.

Sea, air and road solutions exist. For logistics, we adapt to orders delivered at once or by deliveries as and when thanks to our logistics solutions on the Asian and European continents.



We have several manufacturing territories and in particular a design office based in East Asia for Asian imports. In total, we now have a panel of 200 manufacturers and more than three times as many suppliers of raw materials of all kinds and qualities. No "trader/agent" will be able to provide you with such a level of service with so much personalization. 

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